Ep 13 – “Primal Desire: The Struggle for Trost, Part 9” / “Genshoteki Yokkyū -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (9)-“ (原初的欲求 ―トロスト区攻防戦⑨―) 

Jean manages to acquire another set of Omni-directional Mobility Gear from a dead soldier and escapes, thanks to Annie, Conny and Marco Bott distracting the Titans. With Eren in Titan form now fully awake and carrying the boulder towards the gate as planned, Ian orders everyone to protect Eren from the Titans at all costs, with many of them sacrificing their lives in the process. Eren finally blocks the open gate with the boulder, and a tearful Rico, the only remaining member of the elite squad, fires a yellow flare to signal that the operation was a success. As Armin tries to pull Eren from his Titan body, they are cornered by two Titans but are then saved by the timely arrival of Levi. With the gate finally sealed, the army eliminates all of the Titans remaining in the Trost District except two, which are captured for research. As the army counts their casualties, a shocked Jean finds Marco’s dead and half-eaten body, Sasha’s group is horrified to find a pile of corpses regurgitated from a Titan, and Annie mourns one of her dead comrades. Meanwhile, Eren is chained in a cell guarded by the Military Police, where he is visited by Levi and Commander Erwin Smith of the Scout Regiment. After listening to his story and reasons for wanting the Titans dead, Levi allows Eren to join his squad under his command, though Eren is warned that Levi would personally kill him if he ever betrays the squad or loses control again.