Ep 9 – “In Your Memory”

Waiting for Kanade to wake up, Otonashi falls asleep and dreams about the subway train accident. Trapped in the subway tunnel for a week, he led, helped, and inspired the survivors with the assistance of a man named Igarashi. In doing so, many of the victims survived, but Otonashi died moments before a rescue team arrived. When Kanade wakes him up, he becomes optimistic about his life and death, yet he remains in the afterlife. So from then onward, the two cooperate to help everyone move on from this afterlife, which was Kanade’s goal all along. In turn, they realize the true nature of this afterlife: to give souls a chance to reconcile with past regrets. Afterwards, both Kanade and Naoi are reinstated to their previous positions: student council president and the vice president. The rest of the SSS assume Kanade reverted back as Angel, when that assertion is false.