Ep 8 – “Dancer in the Dark”

The SSS defend against the aggressive red-eyed Kanade, but the fight ends with the two Kanades mutually stabbing each other. Yuri remembers one of Kanade’s abilities, harmonics, which allows Kanade to clone herself. So, she orders the SSS to attend class while preventing self-obliteration, while she accesses Kanade’s computer; she adds additional abilities to reverse harmonics. In the meantime, the original Kanade is kidnapped, and the SSS learn that she is down in the abandoned Guild. Along the way, SSS members encounter more Angel clones, instead of Guild traps; again in the end, only Yuri and Otonashi remain. At the bottom, Yuri takes down the last clone, and Otonashi tells the original to activate harmonics. The new clone informs the risk of fusing the consciousnesses of all the clones into Kanade, and as the absorb program activates, the Angel clones painfully return to the original.