Ep 7 – “Alive”

Naoi joins the SSS, and Yuri asks him to use hypnosis to regain Otonashi’s memories. His life focused on his chronically hospitalized younger sister, Hatsune; her death; his fresh goal of medical school; and his premature accidental death. After some reflection with his renewed memories, he laments over the timing of his death and resumes his SSS membership with newly found motivation. With a shortage of meal tickets, Yuri orders a fishing expedition to catch the Monster Stream, a gigantic monster fish. Along the way, Otonashi invites Kanade, who is credited with catching Monster Stream, which produced excess fish. While serving the excess to the NPCs, Kanade and Otonashi promise to be together with the SSS. Instead of food service, a wounded Yuri had been fighting against Angel, and immediately after she collapses, a second Angel appears with glaring red eyes.