Ep 6 – “Family Affair”

The SSS members are released from imprisonment, and Yuri orders for more class distractions to test Naoi’s enforcement, though Naoi remains vigilant. Yuri finds Naoi’s own misconduct of beating up NPCs to prevent his own disappearance. Otonashi asks Kanade to eat together in the cafeteria, but Naoi confines them for eating during an improper time. Kanade tells Otonashi that anyone who befriends her disappears. Via a walkie-talkie, Yuri informs Otonashi about her discoveries regarding Naoi. During the conversation, the SSS fight a losing battle against Naoi, who uses hypnosis-controlled NPCs as shields. Needing Kanade to fight, Otonashi convinces her to break out of confinement, but the SSS members have already been massacred. While attempting to hypnotize Yuri, Otonashi stops Naoi, who reveals his own unfair life as a replacement for his dead twin brother. As Naoi weeps, Otonashi embraces and acknowledges him.