Ep 5 – “Favorite Flavor”

For the exams, Yuri wants to sabotage Angel’s grades and reduce her school ranking grade-wise. During the operation, Otonashi introduces himself to Angel and gets her real name, Kanade Tachibana. The SSS members disrupt the class with a variety of idiotic distractions, which allows Takeyama to switch Kanade’s exam sheets with fake ones. As a result, Kanade is replaced by the vice president Ayato Naoi for the council presidency. During another instance of “Operation Tornado”, Kanade is surprisingly no longer hostile, ignores the commotion, and buys a meal ticket for mapo doufu. The operation blows Kanade’s ticket away, and it falls to Otonashi. While eating Kanade’s favorite dish, he sympathizes about her. Moments later, Naoi arrives with some NPCs and intends to punish the SSS for their constant disobedience.