Ep 4 – “Day Game”

Yui insists upon taking Iwasawa’s place as the new vocalist, and after Yui accidentally kills herself during a tryout, Yuri leaves the decision to GDM. Yuri orders the SSS to form teams and participate in the upcoming baseball tournament. Hideki Hinata and Otonashi team up, but they fail to recruit key SSS members. Eventually, they recruit Yui, Shiina, Noda, and three female NPCs for an eight-person team. During the first round, the SSS teams beat the NPC teams, but soon each one loses to Angel’s team composed of the school baseball team. Hinata’s team ends up as the last SSS team in the final against Angel’s team. In the last inning, Hinata faces a fly ball, which he dropped during his past life. Speculating his disappearance, Otonashi tries to stop him, but in retaliation, Yui grapples Hinata and prevents the catch. As a result, Angel’s team wins, much to Yuri’s frustration.