Ep 3 – “My Song”

Masami Iwasawa introduces a new ballad, “My Song”, but Yuri questions its usefulness for SSS operations. Yuri introduces a new SSS member, Takeyama, who specializes in computer hacking. The next operation aims to infiltrate Angel’s room and crack her computer’s password. In the meantime, Girl’s Dead Monster performs a concert to lure Angel. After meeting Yui, Otonashi talks with Iwasawa while the band takes a break. She reveals her history about her dysfunctional family, her pursuit of a music career, and her cause of death. Later on, GDM performs, while Yuri leads a small group to Angel’s room. Several teachers subdue the concert, but Iwasawa breaks free and plays her ballad. After the song, she disappears from the afterlife. From the hacking, the SSS learn about the source of Angel’s powers: she makes her weapons herself aided by software.