Ep 2 – “Guild”

Low on supplies, Yuri leads nine other SSS members to the Guild far below the surface, where their allies make the weapons. Many booby traps guard the path to the Guild and the SSS finds them reactivated as Angel approaches the Guild. The group navigates through the traps, but in the end, only Yuri and Otonashi survive. During a short rest, Yuri divulges to Otonashi about the murder of her three younger siblings. This is Yuri’s impetus to fight against the cruel fate God gave her. Soon after meeting the Guild members, Angel is close to the main entrance; Yuri orders to abandon the Guild, and the Guild leader, Chaa, opts to raze the Guild. In the meantime, Yuri and Otonashi fight Angel to buy enough time for the Guild members to set up some explosives and to escape to the old location. Yuri directs the Guild’s reorganization, and Otonashi recognizes her leadership.