Ep 12 – “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”

In the early morning, Kanade engages a large horde of shadows. A large group of SSS members with the GDM members decide to pass on, satisfied with their time together, and the main cast of SSS members fight on against increasing numbers of shadows. Meanwhile, Yuri heads for the Guild and encounters more shadows. Shiina tells Otonashi to separate, and both Hinata and Naoi follow. While dreaming of an ordinary classroom life, Yuri almost becomes an NPC just as the group with Otonashi and Kanade save her. They fight more shadows, and Yuri enters a hidden room, where the stolen computers are all running the Angel Player software. Also, Yuri finds an unknown boy there, and she questions him about various aspects of the afterlife. In the end, Yuri resists the temptation of becoming God and destroys all the computers. Afterwards, she dreams about her forgiving siblings, and in the infirmary, Otonashi and the four others look over her as she wakes up.