Ep 11 – “Change the World”

While Hinata and Naoi compete over the role of Otonashi’s main helper, a shadow monster suddenly attacks Naoi, and the other two destroy it. Yusa reports the encounter to Yuri, and Yuri has a meeting with Kanade to talk about the shadows, where Otonashi and company also attend. The meeting is cut short when a large shadow group surrounds Noda, Shiina, and TK. Everyone at the meeting jumps into the battle, and Yuri notices an NPC-to-shadow transformation. After the battle, Fujimaki reports the loss of Takamatsu to the shadows, but he is found the next day in class as a soulless NPC. To address this shadow situation, Yuri gathers a large SSS group, and she calls out Otonashi to share his ideal about everyone passing on. Various members object, but Hinata and Naoi share his revelation. In a subsequent smaller meeting, Yuri enlists Kanade’s help before she hunts down the source of the shadows. While the other SSS members consider their decision about passing on, Yuri learns about the theft of school computers and finds a hidden pathway from the computer room to the Guild.