Ep 10 – “Goodbye Days”

Otonashi and Kanade decide upon Yui as the first one whom they help with their new goal. After a simple guitar-theft plan, Otonashi finds about her life’s paralysis and her list of wishes: executing a German suplex, scoring a soccer goal against five people, and scoring a home run. With some help, Otonashi helps her accomplish two of the three. After a couple of days, Yui gives up on the home run, but had fun with each activity. Yet, she had one special wish: marriage. Suddenly, Hinata declares that he would marry her, regardless of any handicap. Addressing the low random chance of meeting each other, Hinata describes their happy relationship, and thus Yui’s wishes are fulfilled. After she disappears, Hinata joins Otonashi’s goal of helping others moving on. In the meantime, Noda and Ōyama were attacked by a mysterious creature, which Yusa describes as a “shadow”.