Ep 1 – “Departure”

Yuzuru Otonashi wakes up in the world of the afterlife with no recollection of his time while alive. Immediately, he meets Yuri Nakamura, while she aims a sniper rifle at the student council president, Angel. Yuri offers Otonashi to join the SSS against Angel, but Otonashi talks to Angel instead, who informs him that everyone is dead. Otonashi asks for proof, and then Angel impales him. The next day, he is killed a hundred times, and finally, he wakes up in the SSS room, where he meets the core SSS members. There, he joins the SSS, and Yuri briefs Otonashi about the afterlife and the reasons for fighting Angel. Later that night, the SSS commences “Operation Tornado” to steal meal tickets from the “non-player characters” (NPCs). The girl band named Girls Dead Monster (GDM), affiliated with the SSS, performs inside the cafeteria to distract the NPCs, while some members fight against Angel. After the operation, the SSS retreats into the cafeteria and spends the meal tickets. At the meal, Otonashi tries to make sense of it all.